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vCard Generator

A vCard is a specially formated set of data that is used to store contact information. This can be personal, business and other information. vCards can contain your name, phone number, email address, physical address and much more. These are often used when you export cantacts out of your email program or your smart phone.

On this page, you can create your own vCard for use on your web site, import into many applications or send to others via email. You can also create a QR Code image that contains your vCard and can then be scanned by phones and other 2D scanners.

Your name is required according to the vCard specifications. All other fields are optional. Information is recorded exactly as you enter it without being validated. Blank fields are not added to your vCard file.

After filling in as many of the fields as you see fit, select the format that you would like your data stored in and then click the generate button at the bottom of this page.

vCard Data

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