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Data Accuracy Disclaimer

The informaiton displayed here is stored in our database and is assumed but not guaranteed to be accurate. The code and the associated company and product information is publicly accessable. If you see errors or omissions in our data, please enter the correct information. We will review your changes and update our database as needed. Because the data on this site is managed by the users of this site, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the content.

A portion of our data comes directly from the owners of the products listed in the database. This data is presumed to be 100% accurate and can only be edited by the system administrators and the company owners and is blocked from public edits.

Why We Limit Lookups

We don't limit lookups just to force you to create a membership. We really wish that we didn't have to limit lookups in any way because this site was originally created to help the public or even businesses find information using the codes on virtually any product. But we have found that a small number of people have attempted to run web robots to scrape data from our site and this causes a drain on our resources without any benifit to the public so we must limit how lookups are performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the answers to other frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ page.