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Product Lookup Overview

How to find the UPC, EAN, ISBN or GTIN number for any product in our database? Easy, just fill in the search box in at the top of any page. You can enter the UPC-E (8 digits), UPC-A (12 digits), ISBN (10 digits on books) or EAN-13 code to find an exact product. Or you can enter the product name (or part of it) to get a list of products that may match what you are looking for. From there you will find information relating to the product you are searching for. And if you have a barcode scanner, simply scan the barcode and start your search that way.

This is your free UPC, EAN, ISBN and GTIN lookup tool! If you are a casual user, you can use this site as much as you like for FREE! There is no charge to search for UPC Data on our site. You get a number of fast lookups (based on access) each day at no charge. After that, there is a small delay added to each lookup to protect our data from people that might attempt to scrape the UPC dabatase. But don't worry, on the next day you get more free lookups so you can search UPC barcodes every day.

You can buy a copy of the UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN data as well. If you are a business in need of our data, there are ways to buy it. You can get a full download copy of the data or you can purchase a fast data feed to use with your app. These items are intended for people who are going to earn money from our work and this is our way of getting our fair share.

If you need to buy a UPC code for use on your product, you will need to locate a company that sells individual barcodes. Sadly that is not us. We simply help the public locate information about the products these barcodes are placed on but we don't sell the barcodes to others for use on their products.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to find more helpful information relating to barcodes, UPC and EAN codes. Feel free to contact us if you have questions that are not answered on this site. Happy searching!