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EAN-139781598120011   EAN-13 barcode 9781598120011
Product NameOfficial Nintendo Metroid Prime Hunters Player's Guide
CategoryBook / Magazine / Publication
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Price New17.17 US Dollars    (curriencies)
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AuthorNintendo Power
Page Count128
Long DescriptionThe only official guide from the insiders at Nintendo! HUNT OR BE HUNTED With rival hunters converging, you’ve got to be on top of your game. The Official Metroid Prime Hunters Player’s Guide will help you dominate the competition. GUIDE FEATURES: Full Walk-through Leaving no mission incomplete and no power-up undiscovered, we’re with you to the glorious end. Comprehensive Maps Complete walk-through maps and a pullout poster revealing the location of every important item. Multiplayer Strategies Arena maps and advice on how you can always be the last hunter standing. DETAILED MAPS AND STRATEGIES FOR EVERY MISSION TIPS FOR HUNTER SELECTION IN MULTIPLAYER MELEES AN ITEMIZED LIST OF LOGBOOK SCAN LOCATIONS COMPLETE BIOS FOR SAMUS AND ALL SIX NEW HUNTERS Complete strategy for the Nintendo DS game - Metroid Prime Hunters
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Modified07-31-2017 10:29:41am
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Each character is made up of 10 elements where 5 are bars and 5 are spaces. You may have seen this described as 9 elements on other sites where 5 are bars and 4 are spaces but there is always a narrow space stripe between characters which means we might as well consider that trailing narrow space part of each character making the total number of elements 10. The final trailing narrow space simply appears to be absorbed into the quiet zone to the right of the final barcode. There is no check digit in this symbology unlike others. The variation between the width of the bars is what define the value of each character.

In the image below you will notice the start and stop block are the same. In most Code39 fonts,this is encoded as the asterisk (*) character although may or may not be displayed under the barcode. The text under the barcode is optional and is for human use only. The start and stop asterisks are not decoded when scanned and may or maynot bedisplayed. Also how the text is displayed depends on the process used to create the barcodes. Often, the text is simply under the barcode without the indent displayed in our sample.


Normally, there are only 43 characters that can be encoded using Code39. But if you want to encode the full ASCII characterset, you can prefix letters with special characters to get the characters you need including lower case and special characters. Although it is possible to encode the full ASCII set, if you actually need to do this it is better to use Code128 because it will produce a smaller barcode.

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