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Long DescriptionContents Part I STORIES OF EXPLORERS AND PIONEERS 1. How the Vikings of Old Sought And Found New Lands 2. The Sea of Darkness And the Great Faith of Columbus 3. How Columbus Fared Forth Upon the Sea of Darkness And Came To Pleasant Lands Beyond 4. How Columbus Returned in Triumph 5. How America Was Named 6. How the Flag of England Was Planted on the Shores of the New World 7. How the Flag of France Was Planted in Florida 8. How the French Founded a Colony in Florida 9. How the Spaniards Drove the French Out of Florida 10. How a Frenchman Avenged the Death of His Countrymen 11. The Adventures of Sir Humphrey Gilbert 12. About Sir Walter Raleigh's Adventures in the Golden West Part II STORIES OF VIRGINIA 13. The Adventures of Captain John Smith 14. More Adventures of Captain John Smith 15. How the Colony Was Saved 16. How Pocahontas Took a Journey Over the Seas 17. How the Redmen Fought Against Their White Brothers 18. How Englishmen Fought a Duel With Tyranny 19. The Coming of the Cavaliers 20. Bacon's Rebellion 21. The Story of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Part III STORIES OF NEW ENGLAND 22. The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers 23. The Founding of Massachusetts 24. The Story of Harry Vane 25. The Story of Anne Hutchinson And the Founding of Rhode Island 26. The Founding of Harvard 27. How Quakers First Came To New England 28. How Maine And New Hampshire Were Founded 29. The Founding of Connecticut And War With the Indians 30. The Founding of New Haven 31. The Hunt For the Regicides 32. King Philip's War 33. How the Charter of Connecticut Was Saved 34. The Witches of Salem Part IV STORIES OF THE MIDDLE AND SOUTHERN COLONIES 35. The Founding of Maryland 36. How New Amsterdam Be Came New York 37. How a German Ruled New York 38. Pirates! 39. The Founding of New Jersey 40. The Founding of Pennsylvania 41. How Benjamin Franklin Came To Philadelphia 42. The Founding of North And South Carolina 43. War with the Indians in North and South Carolina 44. The Founding of Georgia Part V STORIES OF THE FRENCH IN AMERICA 45. How the Mississippi Was Discovered 46. King William's War And Queen Anne's War 47. The Mississippi Bubble 48. How a Terrible Disaster Befell the British Army 49. The End of French Rule in America 50. The Rebellion of Pontiac Part VI STORIES OF THE STRUGGLE FOR LIBERTY 51. The Boston Tea-Party 52. Paul Revere's Ride - The Unsheathing of the Sword 53. The First Thrust - The Battle Or Bunker Hill 54. The War in Canada 55. The Birth of a Great Nation 56. The Darkest Hour - Trenton And Princeton 57. Burgoyne's Campaign - Bennington And Oriskany 58. Burgoyne's Campaign - Bemis Heights And Saratoga 59. Brandywine - Germantown - Valley Forge 60. War on the Sea 61. The Battle of Monmouth - The Story of Captain Molly 62. The Story of a Great Crime 63. A Turning Point in the World's History Part VII STORIES OF THE UNITED STATES UNDER THE CONSTITUTION 64. Washington First in War, First in Peace 65. Adams - How He Kept Peace With France 66. Jefferson - How the Territory of the United States Was Doubled 67. Jefferson - How the Door Into the Far West Was Opened 68. Jefferson - About an American Who Wanted To Be a King 69. Madison - The Shooting Star And the Prophet 70. Madison - War With Great Britain 71. Monroe - The First Whispers of a Storm - Monroe's Famous Doctrine 72. Adams - The Tariff of Abominations 73. Jackson - "Liberty And Union, Now And Forever" - Van Buren - Hard Times 74. Harrison - The Hero of Tippecanoe, 75. Tyler - Florida Becomes a State 76. Polk - How Much Land Was Added To the United States 77. Polk - The Finding of Gold 78. Taylor - Union Or Disunion 79. Fillmore - The Underground Railroad 80. Pierce - The Story of "Bleeding Kansas" 81. Buchanan - The Story of the Mormons 82. Buchanan - The First Shots 83. Lincoln - From Bull Run To Fort Donelson 84. Lincoln - The Story of the First Battle Between Ironclads 85. Lincoln - Thru Battle of Shiloh And the Taking of New Orleans 86. Lincoln ...
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