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Product NameAdvanced Guitar Theory And Technique Applied To The Metal And Shred Genres
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Long DescriptionAdvanced Guitar Theory and Technique Applied to the Metal and Shred genres is an excellent tool to for the intermediate to advanced guitarist wanting to take their technique and knowledge to new, previously unobtainable levels. Throughout the book numerous examples are given that relate theory and technique to the lesson that is being taught. After reading this book you will be able to solo over any background in any style that you choose and always play in tune. Although this book is written with the metal and shred player in the forefront, it is equally effective as a learning resource for any style of playing. The book is divided into three main sections that epitomize the essence of metal and shred guitar; Theory, Arpeggios and Speed Picking. The Theory section employs pattern based methods for teaching modal theory and uses multiple angles and approaches to help you understand and visualize the fretboard. The Arpeggio section goes over all of the main arpeggios that guitarists rely upon and after giving a theory lesson on how to build and apply arpeggios into your own playing goes on to display examples of sweep picking licks that range from merely advanced to virtuoso style sweep, slide and tap techniques. The Speed Picking section displays outstanding examples and exercises to help you get your picking technique up to speed. Problem areas are isolated and addressed, helping you learn how to effectively practice and greatly improve upon your picking technique. This book contains a wealth of knowledge that any guitarist will find invaluable.
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