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Immersed in Him holds the key to living an exciting new lifestyle. It is full of answers about how to thrive in today’s emotionally, economically, and physically turbulent times. 

Immersed in Him is the author’s real-life experience of “becoming one with the Living Christ” in order to live above painful or troubling circumstances.  You will benefit greatly from the result of many visitations and visions from the Spirit, learning the differences between religion and a total immersion in the ways of the Spirit.

If you truly want to enter Christ, this book helps you:

  • Receive the revelation necessary to transform your mindset.
  • Become one with the Living Christ.
  • Reconnect with your intended purpose and power.
  • Unearth with waves of enthusiasm what has been buried in form and tradition.
  • Renew and energize your passion for Him.
 Each chapter transports your spirit to a new level of understanding and wisdom designed to expose you to light not seen before. If you are not content with yesterday’s revelation of Christ, new keys are provided to find fresh manna each day. It’s time to be Immersed in Him and be empowered to kick the devil out of your life once and for all—and live victoriously!
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For information about various databases you can use and how to import CSV files into them, please view the overview article "Importing CSV data into your database".

For this example, we are going to import the product data CSV file out of the but this same process will work on the full data download file. We will also be executing the commands in the MySQL Workbench but you can also use the command line tool with the same commands if you like.

First, start by creating a blank table. Use the table layout described in the read_me file for the most up-to-date table layout. It is suggested that you not use any indexing at this point. You can add indexes later. It is most likely that you will have your own tables where you want to store your data so importing the CSV files can be done into temporary tables and then later copied over to your tables. Leaving off the indexes and constraints on these import tables reduces the risk of import errors. Here is an example:

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Next we perform the import using the LOAD DATA INFILE command. The path to the file depends on where you saved the data and which operating system you are on. For Windows users you might find your file on the C: drive and Linux users may find your date in your home (~) folder. This example shows a Linux import. Only the path would be different between the operating systems.

    INFILE '~/sample_ean_data/sample_ean_product.csv' 
    INTO TABLE ean_product

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You may have seen some warnings after the import command. If you are concerned about these warnings, examine the data. It could be that some data has grown beyond the size specified in the read_me file. If you are worried, make the fields larger and try the process again after deleting all of the data out of the table.