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Product Name250 Tips, Techniques, And Trade Secrets For Potters: The Indispensable Compendium Of Essential Knowledge And Troubleshooting Tips
CategoryBook / Magazine / Publication
Short DescriptionHeight:0.49 inches / Length:9.64 inches / Weight:1.11 pounds / Width:7.52 inches
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AuthorJacqui Atkin
Page Count160
FeaturesIndispensable Compendium of Essential Knowledge & Troubleshooting Tips, Time-saving tips for both amateur and professional potters, Includes topics from design concepts to final glazing, By professional studio ceramicist Jacqui Atkin, 160 pages paperback
Long DescriptionBoth amateur and professional potters constantly seek time-saving tips, trade secrets, and new technical knowledge--which makes this handsomely illustrated book exactly what they're looking for! Author Jacqui Atkin describes the full range of available clays and their individual qualities, as well as necessary tools and equipment. She presents easy-to-follow directions for fashioning pottery, and augments her instruction with captioned, step-by-step photos and illustrations. Topics explained in detail cover-- Developing design concepts, from sketch pad to finished piece Slabbing, pinching, coiling, throwing, turning, and mold-making, using various clays Creating surface decoration, with attention to colors, textures, and glazing Helpful sidebar features include troubleshooting tips with solutions to problems that often arise in the process of making pottery. Here is a book that belongs on the reference shelf of every serious potter. Approximately 450 color illustrations.
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