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Product NameA Hundred Flowers Blossoming: A Collection Of Literary Essays Written By Chinese Scholars
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AuthorXiao-Ming Yang
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FeaturesA Hundred Flowers Blossoming A Collection of Literary Essays Written by Chinese Scholars
Long DescriptionA Hundred Flowers Blossoming is a collection of literary essays written by faculty members of Xi'an International Studies University, China with two distinctive features. The first one is a Chinese perspective on Western literary works, which is normally not found in the scholarship in the West. The second is the feministic stance demonstrated in most articles, as most of the contributors are female. There are four parts in this collection. Part One is titled "A Room of Her Own" and shows the feminist approach to literary works. Part Two is titled "Through the Chinese Lens," as it presents a Chinese perspective in the analysis of the literary works. "Form Is Meaning" is the title of Part Three, which approaches literary works from a structuralist perspective. Part Four includes two articles: one exploring the theme of death in Joyce's Dubliners and the other reexamining the images of Faulkner's Trio of Hunting Tales.
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From GoDaddy:

Although this was all very annoying, no personal information seems to have been accessed such as passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers or alike. Personally, being a technical person, I feel GoDaddy handled this situation quite well. I am not happy that it happened or that our users were unable to get to the site. But the tech team at GoDaddy did a very good job at correcting the problems.