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Product NameThe Legend Of Snowy The Shrew
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Short DescriptionPaperback
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AuthorNoel Beaty
Page Count168
Long DescriptionA long, long time ago, back in the lost and forgotten world of the Implings, reigned a great monarch named Queen Bryonia who ruled the lands of Alfinio. Her palace lay deep within the subterranean forests of Fahl where she strove to help others who were much less fortunate than herself. One of the persecuted groups of animals that the Queen had promised to protect was the shrews who lived within a settlement in an adjoining world. Now for those of you who don't know what a shrew is,'s an extremely shy mouse-like creature, rarely ever seen by us. And even I, being a farmer's lad, have only managed to see but two or three in my whole lifetime thus far. Lying in wait out there, and ready to steel away the Queen's powers and de-throne her, sending all of these joyous worlds into a darkness of despair, disorder and distress, was her arch enemy, the evil imp of the night thorn who had started off in the palace as one of her majesty's most loyal subjects and was her personal adviser too until one day he happened to turn bad and his main aim in life became to destroy all things good and everything that he would touch, he would try his hardest to turn into something evil. But caught up in the heart of this battle was an albino shrew named Snowy who, with a boy imp called Joebe Murrow, took on the evil imp of the night thorn. This imp, for his dark dealings had been banished forever from the lands of Alfinio by Queen Bryonia, a long time ago. And as he lay there in wait within his new found home of the poisonous night thorn tree, loitering like a demon of the dark, he longed for the ultimate prize to come to him. This was the thing called the sleepy dust light that, once every thousand years, had to make its way out from the safety of the lands of Alfinio, and into the unprotected world of the shrew.
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