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Product NameThe House Of Death
CategoryBook / Magazine / Publication
Short DescriptionHardcover
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Price Used4.97 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Width6.5 inches    (convert)
Height1.37 inches    (convert)
Length9.54 inches    (convert)
Weight23.68 ounces    (convert)
AuthorPaul Doherty
Page Count400
Long DescriptionA magnificent new murder-mystery featuring Alexander the Great. It is 334 Bc and the young Alexander waits with his troops by the hellespont, poised to attack the empire of the great Persian king, Darius III. To win the approval of the gods for his enterprise he makes many offerings, yet the smoke does not rise, the sacrifices are tainted. Worse, his guides are being brutally murdered, Persian spies are in the camp, and Alexander's generals have their own secrets. Into this turmoil comes Telamon, a physician and boyhood friend of Alexander. As the climax builds and Alexander throws off his nervous fears, winning a brilliant and bloody triumph over the Persians, Telamon at last suceeds in uncovering their enemies
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