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Product NameKeys to Artistic Performance, Bk 1: 24 Early Intermediate to Intermediate Pieces to Inspire Imaginative Performance
CategoryBook / Magazine / Publication
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AuthorIngrid Jacobson Clarfield, Dennis Alexander
Page Count56
FeaturesManufactured to the Highest Quality Available., With True Enhanced Performance., Latest Technical Development.
Long DescriptionThis unique series teaches skills used by professional pianists to make their performances more expressive and dramatic. Students will explore five keys for achieving performance artistry: color, pedaling, rubato/rhythmic freedom, characterization and choreography. In-depth information helps students understand the concepts of balance, voicing, pedal techniques, how to move at the piano. Titles: Childrens Song from For Children Vol. 1, Sz. 42, No. 3 (Bartók) * Polka (Glinka) * Ecossaise in G Major, D. 145, No. 4 (Schubert) * Distant Bells from 12 Melodious Pieces , Op. 63, No. 6 (Streabbog) * Childrens Game from For Children , Sz. 48, No. 8 (Bartók) * Old French Song from Album for the Young , Op. 39, No. 16 (Tchaikovsky) * In the Garden from Album for the Young , Op. 140, No. 4 (Gurlitt) * Morning Prayer from Album for the Young , Op. 39, No. 1 (Tchaikovsky) * The Festive Dance from Album for the Young , Op. 140, No. 7 (Gurlitt) * A Sad Story from 12 Melodious Pieces , Op. 63, No. 10 (Streabbog) * Italian Song from Album for the Young , Op. 39, No. 15 (Tchaikovsky) * Peasant Dance, Op. 107, No. 20 (Reineke) * First Loss from Album for the Young , Op. 68, No. 16 (Schumann) * Waltz Op. 36, No. 3 (Amy Beach) * Ländler, D. 679, No. 2 (Schubert) * Waltz in B Minor, Op. 18, D. 145, No. 6 (Schubert) * March Breve (Dennis Alexander) * Siciliana from 11 Childrens Pieces , Op. 35, No. 6 (Alfredo Casella) * Butterflies from 12 Melodious Pieces , Op. 63, No. 11 (Streabbog) * Elizabeths Lullaby (Dennis Alexander) * Toccata Robusto (Dennis Alexander) * The Mysterious Nile (Dennis Alexander) * Murmuring Brook from Album for the Young , Op. 140, No. 5 (Gurlitt) * Scherzino (Dennis Alexander).
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You should use a POST call instead of a GET to avoid over running the length limits that can be found when sending long URLs.

Required Parameters

Optional Parameters

Each entry in the fields array is made up of keys and data. Some keys are required and some are optional depending on the data type being used. These entries mirror the single field update calls used when updating data one field at a time.

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An example of the JSON to update multiple fields for a single product

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An example of the JSON to update multiple fields for multiple products

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This first example is updating a single product image in simple mode using only form variables (no JSON)


This next example is also updating a single product image, but because it is using JSON, you could pass multiple products in the outer "fields" array. Notice that each inner product block also has a "fields" list when using JSON.