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Product NameLives on the Boundary: A Moving Account of the Struggles and Achievements of America's Educationally Un derprepared
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AuthorMike Rose
Page Count288
FeaturesLives on the Boundary by Mike Rose
Long DescriptionThe award-winning account of how America's educational system fails it students and what can be done about it

Remedial, illiterate, intellectually deficient—these are the stigmas that define America’s educationally underprepared. Having grown up poor and been labeled this way, nationally acclaimed educator and author Mike Rose takes us into classrooms and communities to reveal what really lies behind the labels and test scores. With rich detail, Rose demonstrates innovative methods to initiate “problem” students into the world of language, literature, and written expression. This book challenges educators, policymakers, and parents to re-examine their assumptions about the capacities of a wide range of students.

Already a classic, Lives on the Boundary offers a truly democratic vision, one that should be heeded by anyone concerned with America’s future.

"A mirror to the many lacking perfect grammar and spelling who may see their dreams translated into reality after all." -Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Vividly written . . . tears apart all of society's prejudices about the academic abilities of the underprivileged." -New York Times
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