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Product NameRhetorical Grammar (6th Edition)
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Short DescriptionPaperback
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AuthorMartha J. Kolln, Loretta S. Gray
Page Count320
Long Description

Rhetorical Grammar encourages writers to recognize and use the grammatical and stylistic choices available to them and to understand the rhetorical effects those choices can have on their readers.

Rhetorical Grammar is a writer's grammar - a text that presents grammar as a rhetorical tool, avoiding the do's and don'ts so long associated with the study of grammar. It reveals to  writers the system of grammar that they know subconsciously and encourages them to use that knowledge to understand their choices as writers and the effects of those choices on their readers. Besides providing key strategies for revision, Rhetorical Grammar presents systematic discussions of reader expectation, sentence rhythm and cohesion, subordination and coordination, punctuation, modification, diction, and other principles.
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