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Product NameBlackmagic Design Ultrascope 3 Gb/S Sdi And Optical Fiber Sdi Scope
CategoryElectronics / Photography: Computer Hardware
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Price New625.00 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Price Used695.83 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Width5.4 inches    (convert)
Height1.1 inches    (convert)
Length5.4 inches    (convert)
Weight3.68 ounces    (convert)
  • Elegant and Engineering Accurate: It features your need when editing or color correcting and then, combined it with an elegant user interface that looks great when added to your studio! Simply plug into any compatible Windows computer with a 24 inch monitor.
  • Parade Display for Colorists: When color correcting video, nothing beats the real time RGB parade waveform view. You can see the color balance in blacks, mids and whites, so it's easy to balance colors and get your images looking perfect.
  • Waveform Display for Alignments: When adjusting video levels or matching black background levels when keying, the waveform display is ideal for this task! Waveform view has a setting that's luminance only or composite.
  • Component Vectorscope View: A vectorscope is the only way to see what color you have. When color correcting video, sometimes you need to know color has been removed or nulled out for accurate white balance and vectorscope view is perfect.
  • Histogram for Location Shoots: Almost all video need to be color corrected at some point in the post production process and so you never want to clip video whites or blacks when on a live shoot. Histogram view lets you see where the pixels are in your video.
Long DescriptionThe Blackmagic Design Ultrascope can be simply plugged into any compatible Windows computer with a 24 inch monitor and it displays 6 live scope views simultaneously. UltraScope is engineering accurate and includes 3 Gb/s SDI plus 3 Gb/s optical fiber SDI. UltraScope auto detects SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI inputs.
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This symbology was developed by the Plessey Company in England. A variation of Plessey was used by the ADS Company and is known as Anker Code. Anker Code was used in European point of sale systems prior to the advent of EAN. Another variation is known as the MSI Code.

Plessey offers a full range of HEX digits 0-F. The bit pattern of the bits sets the high order bit at the right which is reverse of how we normally think of bits these days. (MSI puts the high order bit on the left).

The start bar is always "D" (1101) and the terminator can be two binary 1's (11) if the barcode is to be read from left to right only. If the barcode can be read in either direction the terminator will be a single binary 1 (1) and is followed by a reverse of the start character or the "B" (1011).

Digit Strip Bits Binary Value
0 100100100100 0000
1 110100100100 1000
2 100110100100 0100
3 110110100100 1100
4 100100110100 0010
5 110100110100 1010
6 100110110100 0110
7 110110110100 1110
8 100100100110 0001
9 110100100110 1001
A 100110100110 0101
B 110110100110 1101
C 100100110110 0011
D 110100110110 1011
E 100110110110 0111
F 110110110110 1111
START 110110100110 1101
STOP > 110110 11
STOP < > 110110100110110 11011

You can use the stripe bits can be used to generate the graphic pattern. If you want to see this trick, check out the MSI Code page. Plessey uses a cyclic (or polynomial) check code technique which is applied to the reading of barcode labels and transmission of data. This technique is a fair compromise between the extra redundancy and the error detecting power. Roughly one undetected error per hundred million 6 digit transactions.

If you would like to generate your own Plessey Barcode, please visit our free barcode generator page. Make your code, save it and use it how ever you like.