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Product NameVegemite (220 gram)
Short Description220g
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Price New6.30 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Weight80 hundredths pounds    (convert)
FeaturesVirtually fat-free, No artificial colors or flavors, No added sugar, Suitable for vegetarians, Kosher and Halal certified
Long DescriptionThis is a resource centre for learning about Vegemite from its humble beginning in 1922. Read about how Vegemite was invented by Fred Walker and Cyril callister. The Vegemite time line is arranged in decades that bring to life the challenges and the changing times for Vegemite in Australia. Also, step back in time to see how our community and country changed over the past 80 years. Ingredients Yeast Extract, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Malt Extract (From Barley), Colour (E150d) Contains Preservative Sulphur Dioxide, Vegetable Extract Contains, (Onions,Celery), Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin,Folic Acid
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