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EAN-137891182006873   EAN-13 barcode 7891182006873
CategoryBath / Beauty / Hygiene
Long DescriptionThe Biocolor Whitening Kit: It was specially developed for the quick lightening of body hair. Your dust free formula made with natural ingredients quickly lightens hair and provides luminosity and a soft touch to the skin. The transparent plastic bowl allows you to have a complete view of the mixture, ensuring that the dough is completely homogeneous, and its oval shape facilitates the preparation of the product and allows full use of the dough. -No burning or itching. -Nice fragrance of peach. -Easy and quick application. -New Dust Free formula: Does not raise dust. - Rapid lightening of body hair. With Peach and Chamomile. Dermatologically tested. This kit contains: 01 Sache Biocolor Fast Bleach with peach and chamomile 20g 01 Bottle with Biocolor Creamy Oxygenated Water 45ml 01Transparent and oval plastic bowl 01 Spatula for mixing
Product Name7891182006873
Created11-25-2022 9:29:52am
Modified11-25-2022 9:32:27am
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There are two types of 4 State barcodes on printed postage 1st class and 2nd class with English and Bilingual Welsh / English options.

 Field Name Character Length Definition & Comments Data Values Barcode C
Example Values
Barcode L
Example Values
Format 1 Identifies the format of the item.
Used in place of Information Type ID for Barcode C and L.
0 – Null or Test
1 – Letter
2 – Large Letter
1 1
Version ID 1 Identifies the barcode version 1 – Mailmark Barcode 1 1
Class 1 Identifies the class of the item 0 – Null or Test
1 – 1C for Retail
2 – 2C for Retail
3 – 3C for Retail
4 – Premium for Publishing Mail for Retail
5 – Deferred for Retail
6 – Air for Retail
7 – Surface for Retail
8 – Premium for Wholesale
9 – Standard for Wholesale
2 2
Supply Chain ID 2 or 6 Identifies the unique chain of customers involved in the mailing.
Consolidator Supply Chain ID are 2 digits.
All other 4-State SCIDs are 6 digits.
00 to 99
000000 to 999999
12 123456
Item ID 8 Identifies the unique item within the
Supply Chain.
00000000 to 99999999 12345678 12345678
Destination Post Card plus DPS 9 Contains the Postcode of the destination with DPS The Postal Code and Delivery Point must comply with Postcode Address File Format. CW14LZ1F<space> CW14LZ1F<space>