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EAN-134988002431328   EAN-13 barcode 4988002431328
Product NameCowboy Bebop CD Box (Limited Edition)
CategoryElectronics / Photography: A/V Media: Music
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Price New574.10 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Price Used107.52 US Dollars    (curriencies)
ArtistYoko Kanno
  1. Dialogue
  2. Tank (TV Edit)
  3. Dialoge 1-2
  4. Want It All Back (Clavinet Hater Version)
  5. Sax Quaetet
  6. Dialogue 1-3
  7. Encore Un Verre
  8. March For Koala
  9. Dialogue 1-4
  10. Felt Tip Pen
  11. The Egg And You
  12. Dialogue 1-5
  13. Pot City II (Yab's Dub)
  14. Dialogue 1-6
  15. NY Rush
  16. Dialogue 1-7
  17. Fe
  18. Piano Black
  19. Dialogue 1-8
  20. Spokey Dorkey (alternative Take)
  21. Forever Broke
  22. Dialogue 1-9
  23. Road To The West (With Rhythum)
  24. Dialogue 1-10
  25. Metor
  26. Dialogue 1-11
  27. Digging My Potato
  28. Dialogue 1-12
  29. Rain (Female Vocal Version)
  30. Dialogue 1-13
  31. Green Bird
  32. Dialogue 2-1
  33. Cats On Mars
  34. Doggy Dog II
  35. Doggy Dog III
  36. Dialogue 2-2
  37. Piano Bar I
  38. Give And Take
  39. Dialogue 2-3
  40. Cat Blues
  41. Dialogue 2-4
  42. The Singing Sea II
  43. Dialogue 2-5
  44. ELM
  45. Waltz For Zizi
  46. Dialogue 2-6
  47. Farewell Blues (Alernate Take)
  48. Dialogue 2-7
  49. Words That We Couldn't Say
  50. Dialogue 2-8
  51. Space Lion (Orgel Version)
  52. Waste Land
  53. Dialogue 2-9
  54. Goodnight Julia
  55. Space Lion
  56. Dialogue 3-1
  57. Go Go Cactus Man (Guitar Version)
  58. Dialouge 3-2
  59. Too Good Too Bad
  60. Dialouge 3-3
  61. Eye Ball
  62. Dialouge 3-4
  63. On The Run
  64. Dialouge 3-5
  65. 23
  66. Dialouge 3-6
  67. Don't Bother None (Long Version)
  68. Dialouge 3-7
  69. Wo Qui Non Coin
  70. Call Me Call Me
  71. Dialouge 3-8
  72. Memory
  73. Adieu (Long Version)
  74. Dialouge 3-9
  75. See You Space Cowboy Not Final Mix Mountain Root
  76. Dialouge 3-10
  77. Blue
  78. Tank
  79. Rush
  80. What Planet Is This
  81. Too Good Too Bad
  82. Bad Dog Biscuit
  83. Call Me Call Me
  84. Mushroom Hunting
  85. The Real Folk Blues
  86. Piano Solo
  87. Ask DNA
  88. SF Game Center
  89. Rouya
  90. Old School Game
BindingAudio CD
Long DescriptionBrand New and manufacture sealed. First class shipping from New York. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Modified10-09-2017 5:05:45pm
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