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Product NamePeter Pan (Walt Disney 45 Anniversary Limited Edition)
CategoryElectronics / Photography: A/V Media: Music
Short DescriptionVhs
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Article of interest

This feature started with version 3.3 of the API and it allows you to update many fields of a product in one call. Prior to this, each attribute for a product was updated in a separate call, causing the process to be a bit slow.

It is important to note that bulk updates only work with JSON formatted data. Because of this, you can leave the mode=json out of your call.

You should use a POST call instead of a GET to avoid over running the length limits that can be found when sending long URLs.

Required Parameters

Optional Parameters

Each entry in the fields array is made up of keys and data. Some keys are required and some are optional depending on the data type being used. These entries mirror the single field update calls used when updating data one field at a time.

Details of the fields entries

An example of the JSON to update multiple fields for a single product

The order of each field in the array doesn't matter. We will process them in sequence but sequence makes no difference. So you don't have to sort them or place them in any partcular order.

You can actually update multiple products at the same time. To do this, you still need to pass some basic information for the first product in the required fields (see above). But in the fields JSON, you create an array of products, each with a fields sub-array. The product listed in the update field would be ignored for the most part but must still be valid. So it can be hardcoded when using this method as long as it is a vaild EAN code. 

An example of the JSON to update multiple fields for multiple products

It doesn't matter if you are updating a single product or multiple products. When the response is returned, the top level status is always going to be code 200 assuming your required fields passed the test. Then you will see an array of products even if you only passed in one to be updated. Each product entry and each field entry will have a status so you will know if individual updates worked or failed. This includes the imageURL you passed.

An example of the JSON returned after an update call

The return results in each img or status field