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Product NameRoseanne Season 8
CategoryElectronics / Photography: A/V Media: Movie
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Long Description

Roseanne s Big Mouth and Big Laughs Continue In 25 Hysterical Episodes!

The actors themselves are still in great form, with Roseanne doing truly top-notch sarcasm DVD VERDIT

The original desperate housewife is at it again in Season 8 of Roseanne! Re-live the classic Connor clan moments that expanded the hysterical household. It was a year that started with Roseanne s baby shower, DJ s Thanksgiving pageant, Jackie s internet addiction, two different Beckys and the arrival of Jerry Garcia Connor. It was the season of Darlene s wedding, Dan s heart attack, award winning loose-meat sandwiches, old love letters, ballroom dance lessons, crashing Bar Mitzvahs, Ouija board horrors and supermarket samples. The 50s sitcom tribute and the Connor family trip to Disney World top off this unforgettable 8th season!

Notable guest stars include Fred Willard, Ed McMahon, John Popper (with Blues Traveler), Pat Harrington Jr., Jenna Elfman, Shecky Greene, Norm Crosby, June Lockhart, the cast of Stomp, Eric Dane and Tony Curtis.

Also Includes These Bonus Features: Candid Interview with Roseanne Roseanne: Working Class Actress , optional video commentary with Roseanne and Michael Fishman on select episodes.



Shower the People You Love with Stuff
Let Them Eat Junk
Roseanne in the Hood
The Last Date
Halloween: The Final Chapter
The Fifties Show (Video Commentary)
The Getaway, Almost
The Last Thursday in November
Of Mice and Dan


Direct to Video
December Bride
The Thrilla Near the Vanilla Extract
The White Sheep of the Family
Becky Howser, M.D.
Out of the Past
Construction Junction
We re Going to Disney World, Part 1
Disney World War II, Part 2 (Video Commentary)


Springtime for David (Video Commentary)
Another Mouth to Shut Up
Morning Bec

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