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EAN-130021141000094   EAN-13 barcode 0021141000094
UPC-A021141000094   UPC-A barcode 021141000094
UPC-E02114194   UPC-E barcode 02114194
Product NameGucci Pink Cinnamon Microguccissima Leather Wallet On Chain
CategoryClothing: Misc. Accessories
Short DescriptionThis elegant and charming wallet is a worthy buy you can flaunt wherever you go. The classic creation is crafted from gorgeous pink leather and features the signature Microguccissima pattern all over. It has a chain strap and the signature plaque on
Created06-16-2021 1:53:17pm
Modified06-16-2021 1:54:36pm
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Royal Mail Mailmark

The Royal Mail Mailmark barcode is a sophisticated barcode system introduced by the Royal Mail in the United Kingdom to revolutionize the management and tracking of mail. Unlike traditional barcodes, Mailmark employs 2D data matrix technology, allowing it to encode significantly more information in a smaller space. This includes details such as sender and recipient addresses, postage class, and even tracking data. The implementation of Mailmark has streamlined the process of sorting and delivering mail, enabling more efficient handling and greater accuracy throughout the postal service network.

One of the key advantages of the Royal Mail Mailmark barcode is its ability to provide real-time tracking and visibility for both senders and recipients. By scanning the barcode at various points along its journey, postal workers and customers alike can monitor the progress of their mail, from collection to delivery. This transparency not only enhances the overall customer experience but also enables businesses to better manage their mailings and logistics operations. Furthermore, Mailmark offers improved security features, helping to protect sensitive or valuable mail items throughout the delivery process. Overall, the adoption of Mailmark represents a significant leap forward in the modernization of postal services, bringing increased efficiency, accuracy, and transparency to mail management and delivery.

There are two types of 4 State barcodes on printed postage 1st class and 2nd class with English and Bilingual Welsh / English options.

 Field Name Character Length Definition & Comments Data Values Barcode C
Example Values
Barcode L
Example Values
Format 1 Identifies the format of the item.
Used in place of Information Type ID for Barcode C and L.
0 – Null or Test
1 – Letter
2 – Large Letter
1 1
Version ID 1 Identifies the barcode version 1 – Mailmark Barcode 1 1
Class 1 Identifies the class of the item 0 – Null or Test
1 – 1C for Retail
2 – 2C for Retail
3 – 3C for Retail
4 – Premium for Publishing Mail for Retail
5 – Deferred for Retail
6 – Air for Retail
7 – Surface for Retail
8 – Premium for Wholesale
9 – Standard for Wholesale
2 2
Supply Chain ID 2 or 6 Identifies the unique chain of customers involved in the mailing.
Consolidator Supply Chain ID are 2 digits.
All other 4-State SCIDs are 6 digits.
00 to 99
000000 to 999999
12 123456
Item ID 8 Identifies the unique item within the
Supply Chain.
00000000 to 99999999 12345678 12345678
Destination Post Card plus DPS 9 Contains the Postcode of the destination with DPS The Postal Code and Delivery Point must comply with Postcode Address File Format. CW14LZ1F CW14LZ1F