EAN-130013562000661   EAN-13 barcode 0013562000661
UPC-A013562000661   UPC-A barcode 013562000661
Product NameAnnie's Organic Granola Bars, Chocolate Chip, 5.9 oz
Short Description15Oz
Price New2.98 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Width1.56 inches    (convert)
Height5.5 inches    (convert)
Length5.31 inches    (convert)
Weight5.9 ounces    (convert)
FeaturesGrand results for such simple gestures: magic, art, a smaller landfill...Use your imagination!
Long DescriptionDear Friend, With two growing daughters, my husband Rob and I join all other parents in welcoming more snack choices. On our organic farm, we also strive for more choices by growing niche produce and new varieties of popular summer vegetables that we sell at the local farmer's market. Our loyal market friends have learned to expect and enjoy the unexpected from us. By for now, Annie A Short Course in the Long History of ChocolateCacao was highly prized by the Aztec civilization and in use for over 3000 years, AND YET...Milk Chocolate was not invented until 1875! From the POD comes the BEAN, which is roasted to become the "essence" of chocolate -the nib- Theobroma Cacao (the scientific name, "Theobroma", means "food of the gods"). That should tell you ALL you really need to know about chocolate - it's decidedly delectable!
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