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Product NameSuper Street Fighter Ii (Gba)
CategoryElectronics / Photography: A/V Media: Video Game
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Long DescriptionWith a name like SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO: Revival Edition, you know this game has some history behind it. Possibly the most popular hand-to-hand combat series ever, STREET FIGHTER makes its GBA debut in fine form. Choose from a long list of classic brawlers like Ryu and Bison, and then try to make your way through the most intense tournament ever. Updated graphics make this one of the most heated handheld events ever, and simplified controls make it easy for all gamers to jump right into the action, regardless of prior STREET FIGHTER experience. Select light, medium, or heavy attacks for your kicks and punches, and use button combinations to unleash the truly dangerous moves. Blending the background art of such installments as STREET FIGHTER TURBO with new character animations, SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO: Revival Edition delivers the most comprehensive visual scope in the series. Play alone or link up with a friend.
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