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Product NameDisney Vhs - The Boatniks
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Long Description''Man the Laffboats'' reads the original 1970 cover of Disney’s classic whodunnit film comedy, a seaside shenanigan starring an accident-prone ensign and a trio of bumbling jewel thieves. Robert Morse (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) plays Coast Guard Ensign Thomas Garland, an earnest public servant trying to live under the towering shadow of his late father while convinced he’s jinxed since he can barely control the chaotic waters of Newport harbor. In the middle of the nautical madness come Harry (Phil Silvers), Max (Norman Fell), and Charlie (Mickey Shaughnessy), low-grade criminals trying to recover a picnic basket of stolen jewels that was accidentally dropped into the bay. Canoes, catamarans, and submarines cavort within the simple storyline, which allows ample opportunity for the talented supporting cast to set sail into the spotlight including Stefanie Powers (playing smart, sincere Kate Fairchild), and Don Ameche (Commander Taylor). Plenty of sea-faring slapstick will keep all ages suitably entertained and even when the gags occasionally run aground, Disney stays the course with a predictably happy ending awash in wedding bells. (G-rated) --Lynn Gibson
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We are not hosted at GoDaddy, but we are registered there and have our DSN settings stored with them. So when Anonymous attacked GoDaddy, we were impacted too.

It is very sad that hackers don't think about all of the people that will be impacted by their actions. Even though we were not attacked directly, we were impacted and most of our users were also impacted.

Our site was up and running the entire time and because many DNS servers cache the address to our site, we had a steady flow of traffic during the attack. But the number of visiters to the site was clearly lower than normal. We had a significant drop in visitors and even after things were fixed by GoDaddy things weren't quite normal again until quite late in the evening.

If you or your applications were impacted by this attack we are deeply sorry but there was nothing that we could do to prevent or recover from this. Just like you, all we could do is wait for GoDaddy to deal with the situation.

Here are some news links you can read relating to the attack:

Update 9/13/2012 - It appears that this may not have been an attack after all. GoDaddy is saying that this was not an attack but a configuration error that cascaded through their routers taking their services off line for about six hours. Be it an attack or an accidental configuration issue makes no real difference to the end users that couldn't gain access to the web sites hosted on or registered with GoDaddy.

From GoDaddy:

Although this was all very annoying, no personal information seems to have been accessed such as passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers or alike. Personally, being a technical person, I feel GoDaddy handled this situation quite well. I am not happy that it happened or that our users were unable to get to the site. But the tech team at GoDaddy did a very good job at correcting the problems.