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Product NameMen Of Power
CategoryElectronics / Photography: A/V Media: Movie
Amazon.comA Buy on Amazon ~ B001GP5TIQ
Price New27.95 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Price Used14.99 US Dollars    (curriencies)
Run Time315 minutes
Aspect Ratio1.33:1
CastSteve Reeves, William Shatner
Run Time315 minutes
Weight25 hundredths pounds    (convert)
FormatMultiple Formats, Color, NTSC
Run Time315 minutes
Long DescriptionDOUBLE FEATURE!!!!! In 1957, Steve Reeves, a champion American bodybuilder and struggling actor, was hired to play the lead role in Hercules. The rest, as they say, is history. The film was to inspire countless imitations in the years that followed and proved to be a turning point in Steve Reeves career. His classically sculpted physique, rugged good looks and commanding presence combined made him one of the most natural and dignified actors to ever assume the role. He became one of the highest paid and biggest box-office stars in the world due to his signature role in Hercules and its sequel, Hercules Unchained. Hercules - In this mixture of characters and events from separate mythological stories, Hercules falls in love with a beautiful, scantily clad Princess. Before he can win her, he must succeed in a series of quests laid down by her father. Hercules Unchained - En route to Thebes for an important diplomatic mission, Hercules drinks from a magic spring and loses his memory. He becomes a prisoner and has to compete in several grueling trials before he is freed. Extra Features: The success of Hercules and Hercules Unchained spawned a new action genre known as the sword-and-sandal epic. These delightfully quirky fantasy-adventures are typically set in the ancient world and follow the exploits of the main character as he saves beautiful women or entire cities from danger. This collection of trailers from the genre highlights the films and the stars that made swords and sandals a hit. Alexander the Great was one of the most extraordinary people in history. King of Macedonia and one of the greatest military leaders of all time, he conquered much of the known world before he was 30 and was dead by the age of 32. In this color presentation set in 330 B.C., we join Alexander and his mighty army marching through Persia on a mision to conquer the world, but there is trouble brewing. Karonos, one of Alexander's campaigns is foolhardy. He plans a coup, after which the war-weary soldiers can head home. Alexander the Great is a noteworthy film as a launching pad for several careers including soon-to-be Captain Kirk, William Shatner, as the man who leads his men into battle. There is a pre-Batman, Adam West as Cleander, Alexander's right hand man. The turncoat Karonos is played by John Cassavetes, who would distinguish himself both as an actor and behind the camera as a director. Also on board is an aging Joseph Cotton who, like Alexander, is victimized by the betrayal of Karonos. After being digitally restored, this Phil Karlson directed program is now available on DVD for the first time. Extra Feature: Since the early days of motion pictures, story lines concerning world history have been a mainstay of the cinema, but in the 1950s, historical epics exploded onto the big screen like never before. In this mini-documentary, we will revisit this Golden Age of Hollywood, a period when astronomical budgets and extravagance was the norm.
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Article of interest

Here we will demonstrate the most basic example of importing the CSV data files that we produce on this site into your MySQL database.

For information about various databases you can use and how to import CSV files into them, please view the overview article "Importing CSV data into your database".

For this example, we are going to import the product data CSV file out of the but this same process will work on the full data download file. We will also be executing the commands in the MySQL Workbench but you can also use the command line tool with the same commands if you like.

First, start by creating a blank table. Use the table layout described in the read_me file for the most up-to-date table layout. It is suggested that you not use any indexing at this point. You can add indexes later. It is most likely that you will have your own tables where you want to store your data so importing the CSV files can be done into temporary tables and then later copied over to your tables. Leaving off the indexes and constraints on these import tables reduces the risk of import errors. Here is an example:

create table ean_product
    EAN13             varchar(13),
    UPCA              varchar(12),
    UPCE              varchar(8),
    SKU               varchar(200),
    PriceNew          numeric(15,2),
    PriceUsed         numeric(15,2),
    PriceDate         date,
    company           varchar(13),
    product           varchar(100),
    description       varchar(100),
    category          int,
    url               varchar(500),
    created           datetime,
    modified          datetime

Next we perform the import using the LOAD DATA INFILE command. The path to the file depends on where you saved the data and which operating system you are on. For Windows users you might find your file on the C: drive and Linux users may find your date in your home (~) folder. This example shows a Linux import. Only the path would be different between the operating systems.

    INFILE '~/sample_ean_data/sample_ean_product.csv' 
    INTO TABLE ean_product

Finally, lets look at the data that we just imported.


You may have seen some warnings after the import command. If you are concerned about these warnings, examine the data. It could be that some data has grown beyond the size specified in the read_me file. If you are worried, make the fields larger and try the process again after deleting all of the data out of the table.