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1. Executable programs or shell commands

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PY3VERSIONS()                                                    PY3VERSIONS()

       py3versions - print python3 version information

       py3versions [-h] [-v] [<options>]

       py3versions  prints information about installed, supported python3 run-
       times, the default runtime, and parses the information of  the  Python-
       Version fields in the package control file for Python3.

       -d, --default
              Show the default python3 version.

       -s, --supported
              Show  the supported python3 versions.  List is lowest version to
              highest version with the default version  last  (e.g.  python3.4
              python3.6  python3.5  if  python3.4, 3.5, and 3.6 are supported,
              but python3.5 is the default python3).

       -r, --requested [<version string>|<control file>]
              Reads the value of the X-Python3-Version  field  in  the  source
              section  of  a  control file and shows all matching python3 ver-
              sions. The parameter is interpreted as a version string,  if  it
              is  not  the  name  of a file. If the X-Python3-Version field is
              missing, it will fall back to list the  supported  Python3  ver-
              sions  after  checking  debian/control. Versions less than 3 are
              ignored. The keyword  all  is  ignored  because  it  covers  all
              Python2  versions.   The former keyword current is not supported
              at all in Python3.  Uses the same sort order as the  -s,  --sup-
              ported option.

       -i, --installed
              Show the installed supported python3 versions.

       -v, --version
              Limit the output to the version numbers of the python3 versions.

       -h, --help
              Print a help text.

       Python policy.

       Matthias Klose

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