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Welcome to the EANData.com site


Our goal is to connect you to as much product information as we possibly can using the barcode data found on packages. This data comes in the form of EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E and ISBN-10 codes which are used by manufacturers to uniquely identify their products.

We attempt to locate additional data about each product such as the descriptions, categories, company contact information and some images.

In addition to information about the products, we also try to provide some basic information about how these codes are created and how they can be used. You can hand key or scan barcode data into the search box to get started.


Get a basic overview of how our site works and how it can help you find the information you are looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions * Some answers to the things we get asked about the most.

Our Blog

Articles that we create to help you learn all about barcodes of all types.

Data Feed API

Get individual lookups through our automation API with results formated as XML or JSON. See who has an active feed.


Download the entire UPC database or updated records in bulk.

Data Test

Run a test of our database. You can compare your data against ours to see how many of your products are already in our database.

Pricing & Pictures

Search for products and view pricing and pictures as well as links to more info.


Create barcodes for your own use as you see fit. Use Code39, Code128 and UPC/EAN-13 and other formats.

QR Codes

Create your own QR Codes (2D codes) Using our free online tool.

UPC Help

Learn how UPC and EAN-13 codes work, how the barcodes are created and how the numbers are calculated.

Connecting Companies

Some basic concepts about connecting a product code to the company that owns it. This is mainly for the programmiers out there.


Get some statistics about our database. How many products, companies or categories exist in our system.


See a list of which companies have claimed their products.


See the most recent items updated.

Mobile Apps

See which mobile apps have been tested to work with our site and how to configure them.


View changes submitted by others that are waiting to be verified.


See which sites are linked to us and how many referrals they send our way.


This section has nothing to do with our data, but because we love Linux and want to help others, we have added a Linux reference section to the site.