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Subject - How to invoke a deep search through the Data Feed API

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09/05/2014 05:05pm   by   kam7698  
I have looked up a few bar codes for obscure products via the API (e.g. 074265003984). The message comes back saying there is no information. If I then do a manual search through the website it still says there is no information but then a dialog box pops up saying that a deep search is being performed and would I like to see the results; I click yes and I get all the information on the item; and I know its correct because I have the item right in front of me. If I now go back to my application and do the lookup again via the API this time I do get back all the information, and if I repeat the search it is still there. How can I request the deep search via the data feed API. Forgive me if this is already answered somewhere on your site, I looked over the site but couldn't see any explanation for this.
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09/05/2014 06:46pm   by   schworak  
On the data feed page there is a link to the details of using the current API.

Right now, the current version information can be found here:


In short, add "search=deep" to your url.
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09/06/2014 07:07am   by   kam7698  
Found it on the details page, thanks!
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