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Subject - ASIN to EAN conversion

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12/27/2019 09:33am   by   Roland Schütz  

reading the docs I would expect this get request to work:

But the result is "An active and paid keycode is required", only this one works:

Are they offering the same result? My keycode is active, I guess the first API call requires a paid subscription?

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12/27/2019 01:36pm   by   schworak  
Sorry, I started to respond then had to come back to edit because I mixed up two different issues.

No, the two links are not the same. When using /feed/?find=ASIN-XXXXXXXXXX you are looking up a product using the ASIN number. When you use /feed/asin-to-ean.php you are simply trying to convert an ASIN number into the EAN number but not get back all the extra data. It is a high speed conversion version the slower and more network intense version that returns a lot of data.
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12/28/2019 02:08am   by   Roland Schütz  
Thank you for your answer. Of course I understand that difference.

Let me ask the questions differently:
- Are both queries always returning the same ean or is one more reliable than the other?
- Am I able to test the first endpoint with my keycode is active, without yet having a paid subscription?

Thanks in advance,
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12/28/2019 05:33am   by   schworak  
They do offer the exact same data. Right now, the conversion from ASIN to EAN is not as useful as it was when it was originally asked for due to some technical issues. I would not suggest paying for that feature alone. It is not a good value. It was added as a convenience to those needing the fast data feed already. Sort of a bonus add-on feature. If you don't need the fast data feed in general, I would suggest sticking with the free API. It offers the exact same data as the paid version, only it has daily limits. You get a few fast lookups each day then a delay gets added after your free lookups are used.
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01/01/2020 04:43am   by   Roland Schütz  
Thanks you, so I will upgrade when I need more calls than what's included in the free version. Thanks!
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01/01/2020 07:59am   by   schworak  
Everything in the API section except the premium function calls is included. Most people don't need the premium features anyway. They are just nice to have if a lot of processing is being done.
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