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Subject - Some comments on the app, and website

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10/17/2014 01:18pm   by   asllearner  
Well, all in all very good, .... IF....you can get it working. The app is buggy:

1. The history button crashes.
2. At first, Login to website did not seem persistent. It always asked for the information again, instead of remmebering it.
2 b this required searches to be performed several times.....The last time I tried it did work, but I am not convinced it will stay that way.
3. The scanner, scans but produces only erroneous numbers. Well, it did, but now it seems to work, sometimes.
4. text entry works, but due to the login problem it is difficult to add items to the inventory (searches need to be performed again, and this is buggy.)
5. When the app version fo the website sends a golden pop-up (say when I add inventory) the location of the window changes, so I have to scroll again to find the place I was entering data, and this turns into a major annoyance.
6. downloading the inventory after it is built does not seem to work.

The website seems to work well.
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10/17/2014 03:22pm   by   schworak  
Keep in mind that a fair portion of the app is a direct wrapper to the web site. Some features make interacting with the web site a little easier from a phone. Like adding pictures. Downloading the inventory isn't intended for the app. It is mainly intended for use on your computer. Not sure about the login issue as we use the stock web tool in our app.

But that being said, thank you for the feedback. We do care and will we are looking into some improvements to make the app more useful. This was our first attempt and after using it for a while and getting other feedback, we see there is plenty of room for improvement.
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10/18/2014 05:44am   by   asllearner  
Thanks for the reply. I understand about the inventory. I also understand this is a work in progress. When I downloaded the inventory, I only get 4 or 5 fields, and not all the fields that the lookup provides. That is unfortunate, but I hope i the future that information will also be part of the inventory.

It is a good first attempt with lots of promise. It is the only app I have found that has accurate and thorough lookups, which is what I like about it. I have a collection of old books I am thinking of trying to catalog, but I haven't found the tools to make the process manageable. Basically what I would need is scanning and key entry, a history function to see what I have done, lookups to grab the title, author and other fields, and then some way to export this into a text file. This goes a long way in the right direction, though it is still a hair short of being really useful.

I look forward to future incarnations... :-)
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11/04/2015 07:09am   by   djhenry82-24427  
I am just pleased to have found a website that is a complement to the Android scanning app. I had an issue with my registration confirmation email expiring a few minutes after receiving it. I was more than equipped to resolve it myself as the Get Reminder suggestion in the FAQ was clearly indicated. Registration successful 2nd time around.

I'm also wondering if there is a means by which I could upload images from my phone and store them with existing bar code entries?

Thanks, djh