About This Document This document was last modified on April 3rd, 2015.
This document relates to the use of the data found on the https://EANdata.com web site.
This document describes how the web site and data may (and may not) be used.
If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach us by using the contact page.
Using The Web Site and Data
Refund Policy Once you make purchase of the data, you can not receive a refund. All sales are final. There is no way to return digital content or to be sure no copies are kept on your end. Therefore it is important that you make sure you understand what you are purchasing prior to completing the sales process.
Data Feed Pricing You only need to pay for a data feed if your needs excede the data delivery abilities provided through the use of the free data feed. You should build and test your application using the free service before purchasing a paid data feed subscription. For more information, visit the data feed page.
Data Download Pricing There are several different download options. The first step is to download the sample file. Once you have downloaded the sample file and gotten a look at the data layout, you can get full pricing information back on the download page near the bottom. The prices are displayed clearly but if you have already made a purchase in the past, or if you purchase multiple items at one time, you get a discount. As you click on the items you are interested in, your discount is calculated and displayed for you on the screen. Visit the download page for more information and pricing.
Limited Data Use At the time of your purchase you agreed to use this data for internal use only or for individual external lookup purposes. You may expose this data to your external users for single item lookups as you see fit. Lists of products should be limited to small lookups and must never be more than 200 products durning a single lookup to prevent bulk resale of the data. It is intended that your application would add value to the data out are purchasing. Your application should provide something that is not already available on the EANdata.com site.
Examples of Acceptable Use Some examples of acceptable use might include scanner applications where the user scans a barcode and product/company information is then displayed. This type of application could be on a phone, computer, web site or other form of delivery. Along with the data you purchase here, your application should provide some additional data or deliver the user directly to the UPCDdata.info web site.
Examples of Unacceptable Use If your application simply echoes the data from our site and offers no added value to the user, you should pass the user on directly through to the EANdata.com web site in a web browser. If your site allows unlimited access to the raw data or bulk downloading of the data, these actions would be considered prohibited and are not acceptable use of the data. Unrestricted access would allow a program or bot to strip the data in bulk and is not allowed.
Quality Of Data We do our best to make sure the data in the file is of usable quality and accurate. But because this data is provided in part by members of the public, there is no way for us to guarantee that the data is fully accurate nor can we guarantee that it will be usable for your particular needs.
Fressness Of The Data The zip file is not generated instantly in all cases. We try to generate the file during slow times to reduce the load on our server. We do some times generate the file right when it is needed if the server is not under heavy load. But, even when generated when requested, it is possible that the data file doesn't contain every last product entry. This is because new data is added all the time and the zip file is a snapshot at the instant the build is started. This is why purchasing the product data zip file also includes 3 months of updates at no extra charge. The main zip file contains the freshest data we can possibly provide at that moment but you should take advantage of the free updates to keep getting more data as we add it.
Importing Data Download Files First thing to know is that you may have trouble if you try to view the data using one of the following types of program... There are many ways to import the data into your database. The exact steps are different for eash server. Please visit this page for more information: Importing CSV Data
Data Download File Layout The data layout depends on options you select on the download page. Downloads are custom built for you. You can try several different layouts using small sample size to determine which format works best for your needs. Once you are happy with the sample size data, you can download the full data set. Data type information and descriptions of the data are available on the download page.

Important Notes

Images Although we have images for several hundred thousand products, we DO NOT make these images available as part of the data download file. There are several gig of images for products and books/publications. It would be impractical to include them in this way.

If you need the images to go along with your data purchase, we will generate a ZIP file with the image files at an additional fee. Please visit the download web page for details and pricing.
Sample Data For your convenience, we included a few samples of our images the sample ZIP file. Keep in mind that images ARE NOT bundled with the normal data download or update download. The images and data are separate purchases and separate downloads.
Purchase Rights The individual numbers belong to the companies that make the associated products. Once you purchase and download data or imaged from this site, you have perpetual use of the material as long as that use complies with the fair use guidelines set forth in this document.