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Creating your own application?

If you are creating your own UPC / EAN application and you need data, this is a good source. We have had people ask about how to use our data and to help out we have come up with a information to help you out.

Downloads that we offer

  • Full Data Download
    This is a copy of our entire database as one large ZIP file. If you are building an application and need data, this is usually where you start.

  • Data Updates
    These only contains data that has changed from a set point in time and each part of the data is stored in its own file. You would use this if you purchased the full download and want updates from time to time in bulk. You can automate the download process if needed.

  • Product and Book Images
    Our images are available as downloads and are not part of the data downloads or updates. Each type of image collection is stored in its own file. You can download images one at a time for free using automated tools that you build yourself using our data feed but that can take a very long time and you have to know what you are looking for. If you want to jump start the process and grab everything we have in one shot, then image downloads are what you need.


You will find statistical information including the number of items in each category and how many images of each type we have if you go to the statistics page

If you want to run a test of our data, visit the Data Test page.

Because there is so much data and it comes in many formats depending on your needs, we cannot give you exact numbers on the amount of space you will need to store a full copy of the data. Your database and the indexes you add play a large part in the final storage size.

For estimation purposes, plan on downloading a zipped file in the 3gig range and unpacking that file to an area with at least 20gig of free space. Once importad this data may consume more drive space.

If you are interested in the image downloads, here are the current disk requirements:

calculating sizes, this could take a moment...

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