Data Tester

We have been asked many times about how much information we have in our database that matches what is in the database of others. Some people want to use our UPC, EAN, ISBN database as a way to fill in missing informaiton for items they already have in their own database as well as add to their collection. We don't have time to manually process these requests so what we have done is come up with a way for you to test our data yourself.

To prepare, create a TEXT data file that has only the codes you want to check. You need NO HEADER record and one code per line. We will accept EAN-13, ISBN-13, UPC-A and ASIN codes. If you have UPC-E, ISBN-10 or other codes, you will need to expand them to the 12 or 13 EAN digit format before we will be able to check them. This is a matter of speed, we don't want to do the conversion on our end while checking so you need to do it on your end before the test. Leading zeros are optional.

Once you have your file, upload it to this page using the form below. We will instantly test your file and return to you a modified version of the file with your data plus, the detected format, a YES or NO value and perhaps a comment column for each entry you provide. There will be one extra row added to the bottom of the file. This will be the number of rows checked and the percentage of matches.

Max upload size: 5M