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Actor: Sarah Polley

0025192244292: 4-Movie Midnight Marathon Pack Zombies Land of the Dead / Dawn of the Dead / Prince of Darkness / The Serpent and the Rainbow
5050629177411: Adventures of Baron
0826663180466: Dawn Of The Dead
5017239192371: Dawn of the Dead
5050582255683: Dawn Of The Dead (2004) - Exclusive Director's Cut
0025195002837: Dawn of the Dead / George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
9781404989368: Don't Come Knocking
0096009020118: Existenz [Blu-ray]
0043396286313: Go
9786305744535: Guinevere
0025195046565: Halloween Starter Pack
0876964006361: Mr. Nobody
9781404941717: My Life Without Me
0629159033723: The Secret Life of Words
5060049140018: The Weight of Water
5060049141015: The Weight of Water