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Actor: Robert Walker

5032711068586: Cinema Legends: the Western Collection [Import anglais]
0883316676806: Clock
9780779253289: Great Musical Classics (Royal Wedding / Till Clouds Roll By / Fiesta)
0883316677759: Madame Curie
9786302308570: Madame Curie [VHS]
0887090065306: One Touch of Venus
0883316341414: See Here, Private Hargrove
9786302208986: Song of Love [VHS]
9780790789989: Strangers on a Train (Two-Disc Special Edition)
9786305076179: Strangers on a Train [VHS]
9780778603238: Suddenly/Till the Clouds Roll By
0012569795020: The Clock
0688474350595: The Mysterious Airman (KPF Restoration)
0012569797116: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
9780790747460: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
9786305013587: Till the Clouds Roll By
5060033471975: Vengeance Valley