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Actor: Richard Widmark

9780767821490: Against All Odds
0043396011991: Alvarez Kelly
9780767827591: Alvarez Kelly
9781404930438: Bedford Incident
0012569398078: Cheyenne Autumn
9786302450170: Cheyenne Autumn [VHS]
0024543243496: Classic Western Collection - The Outlaws (The Proud Ones, Forty Guns, Broken Lance, The Culpepper Cattle Co.)
9786301589192: Cold Sassy Tree [VHS]
9780792835011: Coma [VHS]
0024543436645: Hell and High Water
5050070003147: Judgment at Nuremberg [VHS]
0024543183532: Kiss of Death
9786301863193: Kiss of Death [VHS]
0888574535551: Law and Jake Wade
9780767821643: Long Ships
0024543214571: No Way Out
0096009180591: Once Upon a Texas Train
0191091184431: Panic in the Streets
5060034571155: Pickup on South Street
9786301966979: Pickup on South Street [VHS]
9786301966993: Road House [VHS]
9786301979689: Street With No Name [VHS]
0888574092191: Swarm Expanded Edition
0012236187516: The Domino Killings
5014293129459: The Final Option
8809044562565: The Street With No Name
9780792182962: True Colors