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Actor: Lana Turner

9781415712436: Another Time, Another Place
9786301965620: Bad & the Beautiful [VHS]
9780790747569: Bad and the Beautiful
0085391145066: Big Cube
0012569585928: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
9781419808968: Film Noir (The Postman Always Rings Twice/The Bad and the Beautiful/Dark Passage)
9786301969567: Green Dolphin Street [VHS]
9786302760019: Homecoming [VHS]
9786302241181: Honky Tonk [VHS]
9786302747294: Merry Widow [VHS]
9786302000665: Peyton Place [VHS]
9786304056899: Postman Always Rings Twice [VHS]
0012569797291: Prodigal
0888574489199: Sea Chase
9786302759983: Somewhere I'll Find You [VHS]
9780792840039: The Bad and the Beautiful [VHS]
0012569692282: The Sea Chase
0011217182564: Weekend at the Waldorf
0012569590922: Ziegfeld Girl