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Actor: Julie Johnson

9786303878423: All Aboard for Sharing [VHS]
9786303454467: Barney - A Day At The Beach [VHS]
9781571325556: Barney - Round and Round We Go [VHS]
9786301724401: Barney Goes to School [VHS]
0191329066614: Barney Happy Birthday Barney!
9786302027587: Barney In Concert [VHS]
0025192331190: Barney Playground Fun
9786302765304: Barney Rhymes With Mother Goose [VHS]
9786303052700: Barney's Alphabet Zoo [VHS]
9786302728408: Barney's Best Manners [VHS]
9786302513318: Barney's Birthday [VHS]
9786301697712: Barney's Campfire Sing-Along [VHS]
9786304045374: Barney's Fun & Games [VHS]
9786304284513: Barney's Sense Sational Day [VHS]
9786303955445: Barney's Talent Show [VHS]
9786303453958: Barney: Making New Friends [VHS]
9786304156346: Barney: Once Upon a Time [VHS]
9786303403328: Barney: Safety [VHS]
9786303560625: Riding in Barneys Car [VHS]
9786302290660: Rock With Barney [VHS]
9786301218801: The BackYard Show: Barney & Friends [VHS]