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Actor: John Payne

0874757049595: Best of Film Noir Vol. 1&2
0013023267893: Crooked Way
0089859851124: Deadly Dames Film Noir Collector's Set (The Naked Kiss / Slightly Scarlet / Blonde Ice)
9786301303002: El Vengador de Su Padre
0024543934370: Footlight Serenade
9786302989724: Iceland [VHS]
0024543391890: Miracle On 34th St
0002454302075: Miracle on 34th Street
0086162170232: Miracle on 34th Street (50th Anniversary)
5039036029230: Miracle on 34th Street (Black and White and Colourised) [DVD] [1947]
9786301442961: Miracle on 34th Street [VHS]
9786303333076: Razor's Edge [VHS]
0011301687746: Restless Gun - 2 DVD COLLECTOR'S EMBOSSED TIN!
0024543952350: Springtime In The Rockies
9786301302968: Springtime in the Rockies
9786302136227: Sun Valley Serenade [VHS]
9786303912653: The Dolly Sisters
0011301631947: The Restless Gun
9786303128818: Tin Pan Alley [VHS]
0024543225720: Weekend In Havana
0888574078119: Wings Of The Navy