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Actor: Henry Travers

0191091348376: Bells of St. Mary's
0887090075107: Bells of St. Mary's
0032429251633: It's A Wonderful Life
0032429251657: It's A Wonderful Life
9786305064497: It's a Wonderful Life
0012569795259: Madame Curie
0883316677759: Madame Curie
9786302308570: Madame Curie [VHS]
0883316287378: Primrose Path
9786301293334: Primrose Path [VHS]
9780790747774: Random Harvest
9780790747767: Random Harvest [VHS]
9786301978538: Random Harvest [VHS]
0025192831324: Shadow of a Doubt
9780783236353: Shadow of a Doubt [VHS]
0017153550627: The Bells of St. Mary's
9781558804487: The Invisible Man [VHS]
9786302453164: Thrill of a Romance [VHS]