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Actor: Gene Lockhart

0012569677159: A Christmas Carol
9786302208917: Edison the Man [VHS]
9786300181540: Going My Way [VHS]
9780778604235: His Girl Friday
0644827262120: Inspector General
9786302478136: Inspector General [VHS]
0002207100484: Juke Girl
0024543391890: Miracle On 34th St
0002454302075: Miracle on 34th Street
0086162170232: Miracle on 34th Street (50th Anniversary)
5039036029230: Miracle on 34th Street (Black and White and Colourised) [DVD] [1947]
9786301442961: Miracle on 34th Street [VHS]
9786303295299: Northern Pursuit [VHS]
9786303957012: The Story of Alexander Graham Bell [VHS]
0012569677203: Warner Bros. Classic Holiday Collection (Boys Town / A Christmas Carol 1938 / Christmas in Connecticut)