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Actor: Fredric March

0089218603494: A Star Is Born
0872322000354: A Star Is Born
0883629779447: A Star Is Born
5050070010039: Alexander the Great
0025192397370: An Act of Murder
9786302226898: Best Years of Our Lives [VHS]
9786301967419: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde [VHS]
9786301965767: Executive Suite [VHS]
9781417019649: Gary Cooper Collection
0191329036433: Honor Among Lovers
0715515111010: I Married a Witch
9786301706490: I Married a Witch [VHS]
9780792851622: Inherit the Wind
0728665391430: Love Affair & A Star Is Born (2 Feature Films)
0888574454029: Seven Days in May
0888574488604: Seven Days in May
9780790748085: Seven Days in May
0011891800983: Solomon and Sheba / Alexander the Great
9786302413502: Susan & God [VHS]
8809116450226: The Best Years of Our Lives [Korean Import]
5050070021417: The Best Years of Our Lives [Region 2]
9780792845867: The Best Years of Our Lives [VHS]
9780792110262: The Bridges at Toko-Ri [VHS]