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Actor: Elizabeth McGovern

0826663177084: A Shock To The System
0012236201373: Bedroom Window
5050582819298: Downton Abbey: Series 1 [Blu-ray]
9780792851677: Favor
9780767867078: House of Mirth
0012236102250: Johnny Handsome
0012236110446: Johnny Handsome
0012236125747: Johnny Handsome
9786305133490: Lovesick
0024543215752: Once Upon A Time In America
7321921200267: Once Upon a Time in America
0024543215745: Once Upon a Time in America Extended Director's Cut
9786300271616: Once Upon a Time in America [VHS]
0076476006785: Ragtime
5014437817433: She's Having a Baby
0031398265313: Showing Roots
9781574924282: The Summer of Ben Tyler [VHS]