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Actor: Eleanor Parker

9786302375800: Chain Lightning [VHS]
0883929005123: Escape from Fort Bravo
9786302922912: Escape From Fort Bravo [VHS]
0888574054830: Escape Me Never
9786302682571: Escape Me Never [VHS]
0012569795396: Home from the Hill
0888574645304: Home from the Hill
9786303120508: Interrupted Melody [VHS]
0084296401451: Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
9786303295282: Never Say Goodbye [VHS]
0090174412853: Pride of the Marines
0002454316270: Return to Peyton Place
9786302000658: Return to Peyton Place
9786302148381: Scaramouche [VHS]
0888574389666: Seventh Sin, The
0024543045052: Sound of Music
0024543058298: Sound of Music
0024543029762: Sound Of Music [Blu-ray]
0024543109594: The Sound of Music
0024543672937: The Sound of Music
5039036005692: The Sound of Music
0024543045090: The Sound of Music (Single Disc Widescreen Edition)
5039036016629: The Sound of Music [Region 2]
5013738890459: The Sound of Music [VHS]
9786304117750: The Sound of Music [VHS]
9780790746241: They Died With Their Boots On
0888574389680: Valley of the Kings