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Actor: Dean Stockwell

0089218561190: Agency / Paper Man
9781419813832: Batman Beyond Return of the Joker
9780790766836: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (The Original Uncut Version)
0012236117117: Catchfire
9780782011050: Horror Collector's Pack (Cujo/The Langoliers/Thinner)
9786305899396: Langoliers
9780783224244: McHale's Navy
0683904632739: Quantum Leap Complete Series - Blu-ray
0683904111746: Quantum Leap The Complete Series
0000799429822: Shadow Men
0012569517622: Song of the Thin Man
0888574474133: Song of the Thin Man
0032429277176: Stephen King Triple Feature
9780792850502: The Dunwich Horror
9786302148664: The Secret Garden [VHS]