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Actor: David Janssen

0011891500791: Adventure Collection
0796019698696: David Janssen in Moon of the Wolf & Prisoner in the Middle from Movie Classics
0032429219152: Fugitive The Complete Series
0888574489151: Hell to Eternity
9781404911017: Marooned
0009200058903: Mayday At 40,000 Feet
0787364453092: Revved: Turbo Charged Movies Hijack/Concrete cowboys/Moonfire/CB hustlers/Stunts/Killing Cars/Shaker run/Bail out/Double nickels /Choppers
0012569517424: Shoes of the Fisherman
9786304696521: The Green Berets
5051892011235: The Green Berets [BLU-RAY]
0011301607263: TV's Cops Private Eyes - Over 8 Hours of Television Classics! 19 Episodes!
0011891514439: TV's Greatest Detectives