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Actor: Charles Laughton

9780790792064: Advise and Consent
0011891514019: Alfred Hitchcock Coll
0011891951050: Alfred Hitchcock Collection
9780783229690: Because of Him [VHS]
0760137242581: Big Clock, The
9786301967556: Canterville Ghost [VHS]
5060036890650: Captain Kidd [VHS]
0683904440105: Family Classics 4-Movie Pack - Son of Monte Cristo, Captain Kidd, Long John Silver's Return to Treasure Island, Scarlet Letter
9786302843200: Island of Lost Souls [VHS]
0025192180651: It Started with Eve
0889290921925: Jamaica Inn
0012569509023: Mutiny on the Bounty
9780790744780: Mutiny on the Bounty
9780790758497: Mutiny on the Bounty [VHS]
9786301973472: Mutiny on the Bounty [VHS]
0741952840893: Old Dark House
0738329215217: Paradine Case
9786302280401: Salome [VHS]
5035822008441: Spartacus
9780783226033: Spartacus
9781558808805: Spartacus
9780783217390: The Big Clock [VHS]
9786304698617: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
0741952840794: The Old Dark House
0738329215224: The Paradine Case
9786301800976: The Paradine Case [VHS]
0738329132521: Witness for the Prosecution
9780792851660: Witness For the Prosecution
9786302413434: Witness for the Prosecution [VHS]