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Actor: Alec Guinness

9781569388020: A Foreign Field
9780767859868: A Passage to India
9786302814132: A Passage to India [VHS]
0644827147021: A Run for Your Money
0012236102045: Alec Guinness Collection
9786302825022: Damn the Defiant [VHS]
5051892011549: Doctor Zhivago
7321900655712: Doctor Zhivago
9786303599106: Doctor Zhivago - 30th Anniversary Edition [VHS]
0012569821101: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Film Collection (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 2-Disc Special Edition / The Comedians / The Sandpiper / The V.I.P.s) 5 Disc Set
9780780025752: Horse's Mouth
0012236107828: Ladykillers
3333297199223: Lawrence d'Arabie
3333297500555: Lawrence of Arabia
9781404938311: Lawrence of Arabia (Superbit Collection)
9780767812771: Lawrence of Arabia (Widescreen Edition) [VHS]
9780800116910: Lawrence of Arabia [VHS]
5060095020043: Little Dorrit
9786305133490: Lovesick
9780792847571: Oliver Twist [VHS]
9781404906464: Prisoner
9780792176947: Scrooge [VHS]
5014503118327: Smiley's People [Region 2]
9786304539255: Star Wars - Episode IV, A New Hope (Special Edition) [VHS]
9786301773553: Star Wars - Episode IV, A New Hope [VHS]
0086162872938: Star Wars Trilogy Giftpack [VHS]
9786303617701: Star Wars Trilogy Giftpack [VHS]
5039036004213: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back [VHS]
8888837003294: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
0043396186040: The Bridge on the River Kwai
9780800132002: The Bridge on the River Kwai [VHS]