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Actor: Albert Dekker

0017153213195: Dakota / In Old California
9780769796048: Death of a Salesman
5050070006995: Mickey Spillane's Kiss Me Deadly [VHS]
9786301278478: Once Upon a Honeymoon [VHS]
0888574474973: Strange Cargo
9786302655896: Suddenly Last Summer [VHS]
0000054051294: Suspense
9780783217529: The Killers [VHS]
9786300185197: Wake Island [VHS]
0011891517102: War Of The Monsters / Destroy All Planets / Gamera The Invincible / Attack of The Monsters / Gamera vs. Gaos / Gamera vs. Monster X / Gamera vs. The Deep Sea Monster Zigra / Gappa The Triphibian
9786300209251: War of the Wildcats [VHS]