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Actor: Robert Newton

0089218955593: Adventures of Long John Silver - Volumes 1-3 (3-DVD)
9780790784229: Around the World in 80 Days (Two-Disc Special Edition)
7321900286329: Around The World In 80 Days [DVD]
9786300270138: Around the World in 80 Days [VHS]
9786302078091: Desert Rats [VHS]
0024543041917: Desert Rats, The
0683904440105: Family Classics 4-Movie Pack - Son of Monte Cristo, Captain Kidd, Long John Silver's Return to Treasure Island, Scarlet Letter
0025192384462: Kiss the Blood off My Hands
0096009160296: Long John Silver V.1
5027626250942: Odd Man Out
8809116454224: Odd Man Out
9786305186694: Odd Man Out
9780792847571: Oliver Twist [VHS]
5017188882743: Treasure Island
9780788845147: Treasure Island